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Invest in Youth – Tomorrow's Leaders
250 by 25!

A Message From the Alumni of the YLF Project

As alumni of YLF, we are committed to making sure that all high school students have the opportunity that we had participating in this innovative, effective project.

What is YLF?

YLF is a unique program created to empower and significantly enhance the personal, academic, and career potential of young people with disabilities through leadership development, resource identification and peer mentoring – ultimately making our communities and world better for all. It uses adult role models, especially project alumni, to show students how to effectively transition to meaningful careers, independent living and civic engagement. Originally created in California in 1992, YLF has been shared and is now in more than 25 states and territories.

Why We Need You

In 2016 we will celebrate our 25th year of THE CALIFORNIA YOUTH LEADERSHIP FORUM FOR STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES (YLF). Thousands of alumni of the project describe it as their most life-changing experience ever. This unique, critical project needs to be shared with all young people with disabilities but may be in jeopardy due to increased competition for other services.

What Will Your Support Accomplish?

Expand our services to more youth, including creating: regional trainings, career focused trainings in critical career areas such as science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), Healthcare Services, Finance and the arts; employment internships and mentorships. We will be able to accomplish these goals by administering future activities under a private nonprofit dedicated to serving youth.

Our Goal

We plan to raise $250,000 by 2016 – our 25th project year. Please join us and invest in youth – tomorrow's leaders. While we need 1000 people to give $250 to meet our goal, donations of any amount are welcomed and appreciated.

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